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What’s Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a 'hands on' form of treatment for patients with problems of a muscular and skeletal nature. Active Body Care understands that each patient has a different problem for a different reason therefore requires an individual solution.

Osteopathic treatment aims to restore structural balance, improve joint mobility and reduce soft-tissue restrictions to improve the way the body moves. Treatment usually consists of a combination of techniques including soft-tissue stretches, deep muscle release, and joint articulation. These techniques are applied using the hands so that the Osteopath can continually assess and react to your tissues as they respond to treatment.

Many factors combine to bring us to the point of pain or injury. Often, a build up of mechanical tension leads to lack of flexibility and 'give' in the body so, for example, at a moment of increased demand the body struggles to bend and absorb a force and injury may occur

By addressing stresses and strains that were present prior to an injury, as well as identifying damaged tissues resulting directly from an injury, Active Body Care can help you to heal more quickly and help you to prevent further injury.


Osteopathy is suitable for the vast majority of people, across the age and wellness spectrum. It is safe for babies and children, pregnant mothers and for the elderly. It is just as appropriate to resolve an irritating niggle as it is for acute back pain, or for simply a preventative check. Osteopaths are trained to perform a thorough case history and examination to ensure that Osteopathic treatment is suitable for you.

Osteopathy During and After Pregnancy

Half of all women can expect some degree of back pain during their pregnancy. Through treatment, advice and gentle exercise Active Body Care can help ease some of the physical discomforts of pregnancy such as back pain, sciatica and pubic symphysis pain. Postural changes during pregnancy vary from woman to woman as much as they do from one pregnancy to the next. Helping Mum to find her position of comfort, unique to her body and her pregnancy, can help throughout the pregnancy and during labour. Treatment can also help Mum's body to recover physically after birth. Osteopathy is suitable at any stage of pregnancy

For more information download Active Body Care's ‘Pregnancy Related Back Pain’ leaflet.(pdf 132 KB)